5 Great Reasons to Live in Los Cabos WRITTEN BY JANET JENSEN ON MAY 25, 2018

1 – The People – We are a resort community in an area whose industry, for decades, was based on farming and fishing. Los Cabos attracts many people from other states of Mexico who know ‘The Cape’ is a great place to live and work. Mexican’s are lovely people who appreciate the beauty, the weather and the opportunity to work in one of the largest tourist destinations in Mexico. The locals, many who have prospered from owning and developing land, see the opportunity for business. From organic farming, ranches, restaurants, fishing fleets, construction and design, ecotourism, education and retail shops, they are a treat to interact with and are proud to call Cabo home. Families from all over the world choose Los Cabos to live. Our area is becoming more and more of a destination for people to visit, work and live. When I moved here in 1996 I never counted on meeting people who have become like family. My friendships are amazing as we all have the common love of the Baja!


2 – The Weather – Los Cabos is one of the sunniest locations in the world. We have incredible weather throughout the entire year, making it a great warm-weather vacation destination without the humidity you’ll experience in some other regions. Winters are mild, with highs averaging in the mid-70’s. We have year-round warm water surf. The summer months bring highs in the mid-90’s. Annual rainfall is very low, averaging under 10″ per year. The summer “low season” is a great time to take advantage of lower room rates, warm ocean temperatures, and off-season golf rates. I love waking up in the morning, knowing when I walk my dogs, I don’t need boots, or an umbrella…there is a very small chance of rain!


3 – The Location – known by many as ‘where the desert meets the sea’ . A 1 ½ hour flight from most southern states by air makes Los Cabos a natural destination. The 750 mile peninsula is also a favourite drive for many home owners and residents – many have done this multiple times. From the Sarcocaule desert surrounding the San Jose del Cabo estuary to the pine forest and waterfalls in higher mountain elevations, from white sand beaches to deep ocean depths, the natural beauty is abundant. Both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas offer great hotels, and resorts, for any budget. Out of town visitors rarely complain about their lodgings or lack of ‘things to do’.

4 – The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean – my favourite topic! Both bodies of water hold a world of entertainment including fishing, whale watching, and other sea life. Surfing before, after or during a workday is an activity that local surfers appreciate. Many people come here to fish, scuba dive, surf, or go camping on the beach. The water temperature is comfortable year round. My dream day includes surfing, sport fishing, a little work, more surf, a siesta under a beach umbrella, and an evening surf. A walk on the beach and a swim after work, I will take that in a pinch. Get out on the water, no matter what your vessel, there is always something to see!


5 – The Food – Where do I begin? Fish tacos, seafood stands, seaside margaritas, organic, locally produced coffee and produce, Sonora beef. Check out any of the local organic markets and San Jose del Cabo’s central Mercado where the local’s shop and dine. The fish tables around noon in La Playita may surprise you with a little catch of the day. Splurge on a private chef or restaurant hop in San Jose del Cabo Centro.

Whether you like to eat out or eat in, be your own culinary creator or hire a private chef, all palates are satisfied in Los Cabos. People watch and dine curbside at The Tropicana in San Jose del Cabo or on one of our farm to table restaurants like Flora Farms. Check out one of many culinary festivals in Los Cabos – Sabor a Cabo is in December, a festival of local cuisine. What is your favourite restaurant? I have a few depending on the day….


One more thing – the golf is amazing, there could be a whole book written about our world-class golf.